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A more connected Scarborough means one where people have safe, reliable, and healthy physical connections to their community. Using existing infrastructure, the West Scarborough Rail path would stretch from Taylor Massey Creek in the southwest all the way to the Meadoway in the northeast. 

Taking as an example the West Toronto Rail Path, the West Scarborough Rail Path would provide important transit connections to Victoria Park, Warden, and Kennedy TTC stations, meaning people could walk or ride bikes and have more options at their disposal to get to school or work and keep our community thriving. 

Our vision sees the West Scarborough Rail Path as not only a physical connection, but as a meeting place, a community art space, public recreation lands, and a key piece in the fight for the future of Scarborough.

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Photo credits: Pauline Nguyen, Hafeez Alavi, Brian Jackson, Kevin Rupasinghe

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Scarborough is changing. We need to be proactive in building our city.

We need safe, reliable, and comfortable physical connections to keep our community thriving. People need access to green space and nature, to jobs and opportunities.

The West Scarborough Rail Path is a proposed walking and cycling path using existing mostly-public land. Modeled after the West Toronto Rail Path, the West Scarborough Rail path could be the new active corridor for people living and working in Scarborough.

Projects like this need ordinary community members like us to champion them. We have the power to shape the future of Scarborough and stitch our communities together.

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